mSE Campus and mSE Solutions



The mSE Campus holds the most modern conference rooms for inspired presentations and creative business retreats -- used by mSE Solutions (the bearer of the mSE Kunsthalle), and by other companies as well. 

Mit seiner technischen Ausstattung ist der mSE Campus bestens für Hybridtagungen geeignet. 


For creative sessions, workshops, assessments, coachings, and incentives, surrounded by art and the beautiful nature of the Ammer Valley.

The big conference room (60 m²) with its inspired atmosphere makes room for big projects. The view of mountains and meadows inspires free and concentrated thought. 

The creative lab (36 m²) is a creative retreat for new ideas. In a relaxed start-up atmosphere, small and medium groups can indulge in vision and take a look at their projects from a new perspective. 

The boutique-hotel Lartor and the restaurant Hieronymus next-door are reliable partners for all comforts and support.

The two conference rooms of the mSE Campus can be booked individually and seperately. The quiet setting in the nature park Ammergauer Alpen prevents intrusion and distraction.  For bookings and more information, please contact Ms Laura Drexler.


Großer Konferenzraum, 60 m²

  • Großer Konferenztisch mit 20 Stühlen (variable Bestuhlung möglich)
  • Highspeed-Internet
  • Leinwand und Beamer
  • Sennheiser-Konferenzraumtechnik und Bose-Soundanlage für Telefon- und Videokonferenzen
  • Glass-Whiteboard, Flipchart, Moderationskoffer
  • Tagungsservice und Tagungstools


Creative Lab, 36 m²

  • Konzepttisch mit 10 Stühlen
  • Sitzgruppe mit Polstermöbeln
  • Highspeed-Internet
  • Samsung 65-Zoll-TV
  • Sennheiser-Konferenzraumtechnik und Bose-Soundanlage für Telefon- und Videokonferenzen
  • Moderationswand, Flipchart, Moderationskoffer
  • Tagungsservice und Tagungstools

The Schleifmühlenklamm (ravine) of Unterammerau with a dozen waterfalls.

Alpenglow on Kofel and Laber 



mSE Solutions is an international consulting company that specialises in supply chain management. At the headquarters in Munich as well as in Lübeck, Singapore, and Chicago, the employees excel in process optimisation and its implementation for the customer.


“mSE” stands for “management solutions and system engineering”. The company’s claim:
“We innovate. We transform. We integrate. We operate.”