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On this website, we present the commodities that you can buy in our museum's shop.
Books and exhibition catalogues of our publishing house you will find here.

ORDERING: The museum shop is temporarily closed (due to Covid), as is the museum. If you like one of our items, please send us an email via info@mse-kunsthalle.de. We are happy to give you more detail on the items, and send them to you. 

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We present:

Pens by e+m

e+m, located in Bavaria, produces wood items with a focus on quality and sustainability. The wooden pens are light, smooth and of an understated elegance. 

Notebooks by Bindewerk

The owner-managed company located at the Chiemsee, produces stationary that compells with its sleek design and its high quality of production.


Notebook Purist

19.50 Euro

As simple as possible

Hand-made, DIN A5, 144 pages, blank or dotted paper 

A basic and focused botebook: simple, functional, valuable, timlessly elegant

Note book Purist Wood

19.90 Euro

With real wood veneer

Hand-made, DIN A5, 144 pages, cover with real wood veneer (cherry and walnut), blank and dotted paper 

Note book Marlies

15.50 Euro

With red patterns

Handmade, 17 x 12 cm, 96 pages, softcover with various patterns in red, dotted or blanc paper, bookmark

Notebook Suzette

17.50 Euro

Pastel for the soul

Handmade, DIN A5, 96 pages, soft cover in various patterns in pastel colors, blank or dotted paper, bookmark


13 Euro

For the loveliest memories

Handmade, 13 x 18 cm, portrait and landscape format, 12 pages 

Sketchbook Clipper

15 Euro


A4, blank, 50 pages
handmade by Bindewerk, Germany

Replacement pad: 5.40 Euro


Notebook Tutor

18.90 Euro

Very durable

Handmade, DIN A5, 144 pages, blank or dotted paper, very durable cover, Swiss brochure binding

Scrapbook Traveler

15.90 Euro

The kangaroo among albums

24 x 17.5 cm
20 pockets, blank

This album lets you collect souvenirs of the sweetest of memories in its paperpockets, all tucked in, nice and clean.

Pen Shaper

8.90 Euro

About the product

Blue mine
Lenght 17.5 cm
Colors: black and zebrawood
Replacement mine: 80 cent


Pen Style

35 Euro

A very noble pen

With black inc, 9 cm long, made from walnut wood and topped off with a brass cap. Get it in a precious gift box.

Clutch pencil Clickman

18.50 Euro

About the product

Graphit mine 5.5 mm HB or 5B
Length 11.7 cm
Colors: bright beech or black

Replacement mine: 1 Euro

Short clutch pencil with flexible hanger, use it to sketch on the sketchbook CLIPPER

Clutch pencil Workman

15.50 Euro

A fine pencil

Graphit mine 5.5 mm HB or 5B
Lenght 14 cm
Colors: bright beech or black

Replacement mine: 1 Euro

Long clutch pencil made from beech wood 

Spitzer Think Big und cube

5.50 Euro

For Graphite mines


for graphite mines with a diameter of up to 5.5 mm
Hight 4 cm
Coloros: bright wood or black



for graphite mines with a diameter of up to 5.5 mm
Size 20 x 20 x 20 mm
Color: mahogany


Clutch pencil Sketch

22 Euro

Made from Zebrano wood

For grafit mines of 5,5 mm diameter, made from zebrawood, 10 cm long. It comes in a box. Replacement mines: 1 Euro

Pencil extender

4.30 Euro

Why not

Lenght 12 cm: A pencil extender for short, beloved pencils, made from beech wood

Pencil protector

1 Euro

A shiny caprice

This elegant and playfull accessory protects your pencil tip from the rough world out there.

Leather case for pens

11.50 Euro

Put in place


Color: brown

Post cards

1 Euro

Fine print

Selected motifs from the exhibition: "Les Illégalistes", "Disaster", "HMS Beagle leaving Devonport in 1831", "Portrait Ida Rubinstein", "The cruel comet", "Boulevard des Capucines, 15eme avril 1874" 

Art postcards with motifs by Franc Marc, Claude Monet, Caspar David Friedrich and others

Photographs of our three houses, the mSE Kunsthalle, the boutique-hotel Lartor, and the restaurant Hieronymus


Ceramic hearts from Studio Elica

For the opening of the boutique-hotel Lartor next to the mSE Kunsthalle in fall 2019, Italian Artists Elisabetta Bovina and Carlo Pastore. installed 40 ceramic hearts. The artists have been working for many years in the sophisticated material, and they create installations in which the symbolic plentitude of a body part is rendered visible. In the museum shop we present smaller works by Bovina and Pastore for you to buy as jewellery or a multiple.   

These and other models between 99 and 149 Euro in our museum shop or via email

Books, Games, Gifts

Der Floffl hat immer recht

Book by Gabriele Liesenfeld, 19.90 Euro

(German language only)

Erste Auflage 2020, deutsch, ca. 40 Seiten, zahlreiche kleine und ganzseitige Abbildungen in Farbe, 21 x 21 cm

Autorin: Gabriele Liesenfeld
Illustratorin: Sabine Gistl

Es gibt Dinge, die traut sich Flo einfach nicht. Zum Beispiel vom Steg in den See zu springen. Dabei würde er doch so gerne! Und er wäre auch gern weniger ängstlich, wenn er an dem Zaun mit dem bellenden Hund vorbei gehen muss. Seine Schwester Vivi ist viel mutiger, obwohl sie kleiner ist. Flo braucht dringend Hilfe und die erscheint in Gestalt der Ffl-Fee. Sie schickt ihm den Floffl, der ihm ins Ohr pustet, wenn Flo sich nicht traut. Der Floffl weiß, welche Gedanken ängstlich machen, und welche Gedanken man denken muss, um mutig zu werden. 
Wie der Floffl Flo dabei hilft, Mutgedanken statt Angstgedanken zu denken, davon erzählt die Geschichte „Floffl hat immer recht“. (Klappentext)

Der Floffl kriegt Verstärkung

Book by Gabriele Liesenfeld, 19.90 Euro

(German language only)

Erste Auflage 2020, deutsch, ca. 40 Seiten, zahlreiche kleine und ganzseitige Abbildungen in Farbe, 21 x 21 cm

Autorin: Gabriele Liesenfeld
Illustratorin: Sabine Gistl

Vivi wünscht sich einen Hund, aber ihre Mama ist strikt dagegen. Ihr Bruder Flo weiß, wie er helfen kann. Er sagt dem Floffl Bescheid, seinem keinen unsichtbaren Mutmacher. Der holt sich Verstärkung, damit Vivi Mut bekommt, ganz fest an ihren Wunsch zu glauben. Vom Wünschen und Vorstellen und Glauben erzählt die Geschichte „Der Floffl bekommt Verstärkung“. Und die Verstärkung kommt in Form eines kleinen Ffl-Mädchens, das alles über das Wunschgesetz weiß. (Klappentext)

DIe Freiheit ist mein Königreich

Book by Katinka Schneeweis, 25 Euro

(German Language only)

Deutsch, ca. 50 Seiten, Din A4
Autorin und Illustratorin: Katinka Schneweis
Verlag: Büchermensch 2020

„Mama, wer bin ich?“
„Wer möchtest du denn sein?“

Der bildenden Künstlerin und Autorin Katinka Schneweis ist hier etwas ganz Seltenes gelungen: eine berührende, fantasievolle, freche, inspirierende und durch und durch liebevolle Vision — ein Buch, mit dem Mütter ihre Töchter beschenken können und umgekehrt. (Klappentext)

Key ring pendant

6 Euro

About the product


„I [heart] Art“
"Kind der Berge"

Memory with artmotifs

small: 12.90 Euro; big: 14.90 Euro

Sets for various topics

Memory small
Published by E. A. Seemann Henschel
72 colored cards with 36 motifs
Topics: Der Blaue Reiter, German Painting, Mountains, Holy men and women in art, Art of the world, Art, Art for children

Memory big
14.90 Euro
Published by E. A. Seemann Henschel
72 colored cards with 36 motifs
Topics: Crazy buildings, Artist selfies

Clothvase Floral Dress

19.90 Euro 


ca. 27 x 8 x 8 cm

The cloth cover transforms a conventional bottle into an elegant vase. The cover is available in varios colors and patterns. Regional upcycling at its best!

Leather coaster: Maple

3 Euro

They call it "hygge"

ca. 12 x 12 cm
Material: Leather

These leather maple or sycamore tree leaf shaped coasters are produced locally and at a touch of automn mood or Canadian patriotism under every beverage. 
Also available in snowflake shape.

Cases, Purses, Bags

Headphone Keeper

5 Euro

Get organised

ca. 12.5 x 6 cm

This very special bag keeps your headphone cables in order

Letter Purse

small: 13 Euro; big: 15 Euro

About the product

Small: 8,5 x 15 cm
13 Euro

Big: 10 x 19 cm
15 Euro

Minipurse Monetas

9.90 Euro

About the product

10.5 cm (length)

Made in Germany


9.90 Euro

Smart material

ca. 14.5 x 23.5 cm

Made from SnapPap, this case is an allrounder: washable, tear-resistent, light. Use it as a child or as a hiker 


Cotton bag Hats

4 Euro

About the product

ca. 41 x 38 cm

This bag is printed with the hats of famous artists who's artistic voice or whose works (that would be Wolfgang Beltracchi and Mauro Fiorese) are part of the KAIROS exhibition

A case for every case

19.90 Euro

About the product

Made from SnapPap, with a hand sanitizer and a face-mask