Andreas Klement

Director, curator

Cornelia Kroiß

Organisational management

Management of ZOTT Media publishing

A. Pawlitschko



Renate Sauer

Exhibition support
Management of the museum shop

Jochen Uebele

Exhibition support

Nick Raster

Exhibition support

Gerhard Felix


Horst Zelesnik

Second caretaker

Christian Zott

Christian Zott is the founder and managing director of the mSE Kunsthalle, which he opened in the fall of 2019 together with the boutique-hotel Lartor and the restaurant Hieronymus in Unterammergau. A long-time art collector, Zott has initiated art projects and exhibitions through his art platform ZOTT Artspace. 

When he was 27 years old, Christian Zott founded the consulting company mSE Solutions. As an entrepreneur, creativity and innovation were just as important to him as they are for his art ventures:

What excites me is developing and implementing great ideas. My aim is to initiate things that are surprising and that no one else dares to do.