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KAIROS. The Right Moment

Christian Zott takes you on a journey through 2,000 years of European art with paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchi and photographs by Mauro Fiorese. 



mSE Kunsthalle
Weiherweg 32
82497 Unterammergau

Opening hours:
Friday--Sunday, from 9 am to 4:30 pm

 Currently, the opening hours do not differ on holidays.

House rules and fine print
We welcome all visitors and hope to ensure an inspiring and pleasant visit to our museum and the sculpture garden. We kindley ask you to observe the following rules and notices that serve to guarantee the safety of the artworks and the quality of their presentation.

Access to the exhibition

  • The exhibition space of the mSE Kunsthalle is barrier free, the sculpture garden (grawel paths with low incline) can be accessed with strollers and wheelchairs. 
  • Please park only in the designated parking spots. The court in front of the mSE Kunsthalle must remain accessible to firetrucks and ambulances at all times. 
  • The Access to the office or conference rooms on the ground floor (doors marked "mSE") is not permitted. 
  • Bulky objects without medical purpose (umbrellas, backpacks, hiking sticks etc.) have to be deposed at the reception. You are welcome to carry a handbag. There are no lockers.
  • Bicycles, scooters and comparable vehicles are not allowed indoors or in the sculpture garden.
  • The sculpture garden may be visited with leashed dogs. In the exhibition, dogs or other animals (without medical purpose) are not allowed even when carried.
  • The restrooms are accessible to our guests only.

Rules for the exhibition space and the sculpture garden

  • In the entire mSE Kunsthalle and the sculpture garden smoking is not allowed. You are welcome to smoke at the ashtray in the court in front of the museum. Please inform the staff at the reception, should you wish to reenter after your break. 
  • Food and beverages are not allowed in the mSE Kunsthalle and the sculpture garden, as is eating and drinking. 
  • You may not touch the artworks in the mSE Kunsthalle. Please keep a distance from the artworks of at least 50 cm (2 ft). 
  • All visitors are liable für alle durch sie entstandenen Schäden. Eltern, Aufsichts- oder Erziehungsberechtigte haften für ihre Kinder und haben die Pflicht, ihre Kinder zu beaufsichtigen und darauf zu achten, dass die Sicherheit der Ausstellungsstücke nicht gefährdet und die Hausordnung eingehalten wird.
  • With consideration of other visitors, we ask you, not to make or take calls in the exhibition, and to mute your mobile phone. Please use headphones for our exhibition app. 

 Filming and taking pictures

  • You are welcome to photograph for non commercial use (no flash please).
  • Requests for commercial use or filming via 

Hinweis zu gendergerechter Sprache: Die mSE Kunsthalle verwendet neben der Beidnennung aus Gründen der Einfachheit das generische Maskulinum. Das gilt auch für diese Regeln. 

Please follow the instructions of the staff at all times. 

Ticket prices

Combination: Kunsthalle and sculpture garden
€9,50 (regular), €7 (reduced), €2 (kids)

Kunsthalle (without sculpture garden)
€7 (regular), €5 (reduced), 2€ (kids)

Sculpture garden
€4 (regular), €3 (reduced), €1 (kids)

Guided tours
€80 (per group), €150 (with the curator)

Fine Print
Reduced entrance fee for students, people with disabilities and inhabitants of the Ammer Valley (PLZ: 82435, 82433, 82488, 82487, 82442, 82497). Kids gelten Menschen von sieben bis 17 Jahren. Kinder unter sieben Jahren haben freien Eintritt. Es gibt keine anderen Ermäßigungen (beispielsweise für Senioren, Künstler oder ICOM-Karteninhaber). Pressevertreter haben nicht grundsätzlich freien Eintritt; Sie können aber gern einen Besuchstermin mit uns vereinbaren.  

For guided tours please contact In addition to the fee of the guided tour, all participants are required to pay the admission fee.

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