Sculptures at the mSE Kunsthalle

The mSE Kunsthalle places a special emphasis on the art genre of sculpture. In our foyer and sculpture garden you will find works by the following artists:

Lois Anvidalfarei (b. 1962)

The South Tyrolean sculptor is represented with numerous works in the sculpture garden of the mSE Kunsthalle. For over thirty years, all his bronze sculptures have been dedicated to one theme: the human body. In the picture he can be seen in front of the plaster model of his sculpture "Mediterraneo", which is exhibited in Unterammergau.

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Ernst Barlach (1870–1938)

The collection of the mSE Kunsthalle owns two works by the sculptor: "The Herb Picker" from 1894 and the portrait bust "Tilla Durieux I" from 1912, which is currently on loan to the Leopold Museum in Vienna. Daniela Gregori has curated an exhibition there about the actress who inspired many great artists of her time to create works of art. 

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Felix Flesche

The artist, who works among other things as a sculptor and graphic artist, presents with the "Kippende Kuben" steel objects that can enter into the most diverse contexts, where they are quickly anthropomorphized by the viewer as a counterpart. Most recently, the "Kippende Kuben" entered a religious context at the Kunsthalle's "Passion im Tal" sculpture walk. Now, as loans in the sculpture garden, they are open to many other ways of access.

Pierre Matter

The artist understands our present as a time of transition, in which the myths of the past return in the fusion of nature and technology. In his sculptures, which are shown as loans in the foyer of the Kunsthalle, man, animal and technology measure their hybrid forces.

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Alexander Polzin (b. 1973)

Polzin is a sculptor, painter, graphic artist, costume and stage designer, whose work is influenced by the world of theater and music. Thus, he also collaborated with the Hungarian composer György Kurtág (b. 1926), to whom the sculpture in the collection is dedicated.  

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Joachim Seitfudem (*1987)

After training as a wood sculptor, Seitfudem's career as a freelance artist took him to Bristol, among other places. He has lived in Bad Kohlgrub again since 2018. He is co-founder of the art collective SCHWARM and exhibits internationally. Seitfudem is represented in the foyer of the Kunsthalle with a loan. 

Sibylle Semlitsch (b. 1968)

The artist has been working as a stone sculptor and letter engraver since 1997. The "Stele IV", which is on loan in the sculpture garden of the mSE Kunsthalle, is carved from pink marble and opens up the view of the landscape as if through the eye of a triple needle. The precise design of the sculpture rewards prolonged contemplation with the harmonious and lively proportion and reference of the parts of the arch to each other.

Giuseppe Spagnulo (1936–2016)

The Italian sculptor, who was an assistant in the studio of Lucio Fontana, is interested in the effect of the material in his works. He often works with solid steel, in large format and with emphasized concept. Many of these works are shown in public spaces.

Norbert Tadeusz (1940–2011)

Tadeusz studied painting at the Werkkunstschule Dortmund and at the Staatliche Kunstakademie Düsseldorf, where he became a master student of Josef Beuys. In the 1970s he was a lecturer in painting in Münster and Düsseldorf. Although Tadeusz is particularly known for his figurative painting, he was also active as a sculptor with great artistic success.

Webseite Norbert Tadeusz Estate

Bruno Wank (b. 1961)

The artist, seen here with his sculpture "Diversus" in the foundry, works not only as a sculptor but also as a conceptual artist, and Wank runs and curates the exhibition space Verpackerei Gö together with his wife Michaela. Wank .

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Sculpture garden

The sculpture garden is accessible all year round, but is not cleared. The gravel paths have a slight slope and are basically barrier-free. In the warm season there is some seating in the garden. 

A project from the pandemic

The submarine in the sculpture garden was created during the coronavirus pandemic as a project by schoolchildren under the guidance of Christian Zott together with the French metal sculptor Pierre Matter.

Hector Zott and his friends Leo, Vincent, Lucia and Daniel were initially taught technical drawing by Christian Zott. They then realized their construction plan for a 12-metre-long submarine during the summer vacations in Pierre Matter's workshop under the artist's guidance.