Past Exhibitions

Back Story

Prior to the mSE Kunsthalle, there was ZOTT Artspace, an international platform for contemporary art. 

ZOTT Artspace was founded in 2014 by Christian Zott (founder and leader of the consulting company mSE Solutions which is the bearer of the mSE Kunsthalle) in Singapore. After the first exhibitions with international artists, a second exhibition space was founded in Sankt Kassian, 1,500 meters above sea level in the Italian Dolomites, called ZOTT Artspace Dolomites for estabilshed artists and newcomers. In 2017, ZOTT Artspace opened a big project room in Munich's museum quarter (ZOTT Artspace Munich). There, meetings with artists and exhibitions took place, as well as events of the KAIROS project.

Since fall 2019, the mSE Kunsthalle in Unterammergau has become the central location for all art projects by Christian Zott and mSE Solutions. 


(October 2019--August 2020) 

The spactial and sound sculpture by Hildegard Rasthofer and Christian Neumaier in the sculpture garden of the mSE Kunsthalle brought together horizontal and vertical lines, suface and volume of Ammer Valley, alpine idyll and construction steel.

The artwork caused the fist heated art controversy of the mSE Kunsthalle. 

KAIROS in Vienna


At the Bank Austria Kunstforum Wien, KAIROS. The Right Moment was presented to the public of the Austrian capital -- with photographs by Mauro Fiorese and paintings by Wolfgang Beltracchi

In addition to the paintings he created for the Kairos exhibition in the artistic voices of the great masters of the past, Beltracchi presented ten new paintings in which he interprets and recontextualises motifs of the exhibition in the grand scheme of art history.



In coöperation with Master Ateliers, ZOTT Artspace presented the spatial and sound sculpture SIGHTING II by Hildegard Rasthofer and Christian Neumaier as a temporary installation in Munich's Kreativquartier. 

The sculpture is made of more than 70 tons of steel and has a square base of 2.4 m length.
After the installation, the sculpture was errected under the title "SIGHTING III" in the sculpture garden of the
mSE Kunsthalle in Unterammergau. 
(c) Anne Wild (Ausschnitt)



 Titled FORM COLOR MATTER PAINT. Paintings from California ZOTT Artspace Munich presented artworks by Ricky Gumbrecht for the first time in Europe. In her collages and paintings between figuration and abstraction, she condenses forms and colours, layers and assonances to a sensual and subtle game.

Kuratiert von Clemens Schmalhorst.

 Ricky Gumbrecht, BRAKING WAVES, 2018; Oil on wood panel, 16 x 16 inches, 40,5 x 40,5 cm; (c) Ricky Gumbrecht



Artist and philosopher Max Drömmer presented his paintings and graphics from sixty years of creation under the title Beauty at ZOTT Artspace Munich. -- Curated by Dr. Eva Karcher

On the occasion of the exhibition, a seminar of the LMU examined the exhibition title from a philosophical point of view -- with Julian Nid-Rümelin, Martine Nida-Rümelin, Jakob Steinbrenner and others.

Max Drömmer, BLAUES DING, 1994 (Ausschnitt); Acryl auf Holz, 77 x 65 cm; (c) Heybenaber/Drömmer/Nida-Rümelin 

Kairos in Hamburg


KAIROS. The Right Moment at the Barlach Halle K was accompanied by a project of the Wilhelm-Gymnasium Hamburg: Students trained to guide other -- mostly young -- people in small groups through the exhibition. 

Beltracchi with students of the Wilhelm-Gymnasium; (c) H-J Ellerbrock




Matthias Franz, Paul Mittler, Tim Sandow, Tallal Shammout, Katarina Spielmann and Antony Valerian from the class of Daniel Richter presented six unique creative positions at ZOTT Artspace Munich. 

Eine Kooperation mit der Evelyn Drewes Galerie, Hamburg, kuratiert von Günther Oberhollenzer. Ausstellungsleitung Clemens Schmalhorst.

(c) Ivo von Renner (Ausschnitt)

Kairos in Venice


The opening of the exhibition KAIROS. The Right Moment took place in Venice in 2018. The historic rooms of the Biblioteca Marciana at Saint Marc's Square were a spectacular setting for the journey through 2,000 years of European art with works by Wolfgang Beltracchi and Mauro Fiorese. The automnal high tide was successfully managed. 


Dieser Körper, der nicht aufhört



 ZOTT Artspace presented sculptures and drawings by Lois Anvidalfarei at Barlach Halle K in Hamburg. The exhibition united the most iportant works of the past five years, nudes, in which the artist recreated the human body in deliberate and unique compositions -- between finitude and infinity, limitation and limitlesness. Anvidalfareis body of work, in his tireless contemplation of the human body, bears an existential potential of salvation.

 Lois Anvidalfarei, GROSSER WEIBLICHER KOPF, 2016/17; Bronze, 69 x 123 x 144 cm, Ed. 5/5




In coöperation with the Museion Bozen, ZOTT Artspace Dolomites presented two artists as a Museion Project Room: the painter Cornelia Lochmann and the video artist Vera Comploj -- under the title Phantasma.

Curated by Letizia Ragaglia


 Cornelia Lochmann, APRES MOI, LE DELUGE, 2014 (Ausschnitt); Acrylics and varnish on canvas, 200 x 300 cm

Beth Moon & Lois Anvidalfarei


The exhibition at ZOTT Artspace Dolomites presented two exceptional artists examining nature and culture: Lois Anvidalfarei as a recreator of the human body in bronze, and Beth Moon as an outstanding artistic photographer of nature with her series Diamond NIghts

 Beth Moon, AQUILA (Diamond-Nights-Serie); (c) Beth Moon (Ausschnitt)

Pollux Capella 


Under its astronomic title, the exhibition at ZOTT Artspace Dolomites united various diverse art genres and artistic positions: Greta Alfaro, Sara Casal, Manfred Dörner, Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock, Alberto Fanelli, Matteo Lo Greco, Anne Herzbluth, Iyvonne Khoo, Tobias Köbsch, Hubert Kostner, Beth Moon, Mee Ai Om, Max Schmelcher and Konstantin Sotnikov.

 Mee Ai Om, M-RED, 2012, oil on canvas, 150 x 150 cm; (c) Mee Ai Om

Headerbild: Ricky Gumbrecht, Island in the sun, 2009 (Detail)