Here, we present certain pieces of our collection that are currently not exhibited in the mSE Kunsthalle. For more information about the artists, please contact us via info@mse-kunsthalle.de.

V9 (2013)
Tobias Köbsch
Mixed Media
67 x 50 x 102 cm

The artist, celebrated as a painter for his paintings inspired by photorealism, shows in this sculpture a sediment of toy cars that illustrates the excess of the lost innocence of old days.

The Dog from Pompei (1991)
Allan McCollum
Stein und Fiberglas
53 x 53 x 53 cm

In a dreadful moment 1,950 year ago, a small dog was lifted from the course of the world by the ashes of Mount Vesuvius. McCullums series multiplies the animal in stone and fibreglas. Series are a key feature in the work of the American artist. Selection, multiplcation and variation are the principles by which not only artists create but also art historians, or (over long stretches of time) nature itself.


Die Höllenfahrt (2014)
Konstantin Sotnikov
Oil on canvas
76 x 120 cm

In his works, the artist creates intercultural symbolic dream worlds, inspired by the creatures of Hieronymus Bosch, the icons of Andrei Rublev, and Medieval miniatures, and compelling through their contemporary expressiveness, so also the raft loaded with animals mixed creatures and erratic objects, which Sotnikov introduces as a "hell ride".

Hans-Joachim Ellerbrock
76 x 120 cm

Venice is at least as old as vedute painting. Ellerbrock, trained street-photographer, burnes the motifs of a shot-to-death (Marlene Dietrich) city into the negative without contortion. His Venice-series shows art as repetition and as the repetition of a casual moment in crystalline black and white.

Defending a long-lasting love, vicenza
Mauro Fiorese
80 x 80 cm

The series "Mindmap of Love" collects variations of love in various places around the world. It shows people in large poses or in delicate ennui and followes the heart on the pathes that it loves to tread. The defensive love in Fiorese's photograph wavers between discovery and staged pose, kitsch and composition, and blends the couple in patched patterns.

Untiteled (2012)
Hermann nitsch
mixed media
200 x 300 cm

The drip painting with a creaturly-clerical aroma was created during a performance in Rovereto which was presided over by Nitsch as the stately magician of Viennese Actionism -- a piece of art history which compells through its format. The color of blood is never going out of style; it flashes in all eras and will do so presumably for as long as it is still inside the human body.

Way of the hare 2 (2006)
Beth Moon
Platinum-palladium print
70 x 60 cm

In her series "Thy Kingdom Come", Moon, who has become famous for her photographs of the world's oldest trees, examines without reservation rites that unite man and nature. The photographs highlight a staged and artificial quality and at the same time radiate a haunting force. The light lets one of the most beautiful nature shots emerge from the platinum print.

Nebula-PWG (2011)
Mee Ai Om
Oil on canvas
150 x 150 x 5 cm

This work was created with unfathomable patience and carefully layered color varnishes, that allow for spacial deapth and the titular nebula behind a metallic look. The Korean artist strives to mirror the inner reality in abstract forms: clean, deep, dreamy, and tidy. The look of the artwork is sensitive to the lighting and, metaphorically speaking, to the spectators emotions. Prolonged contemplation befits the painting.

Header image: Valentina Zamboni/Mauro Fiorese, Treasure Rooms of the Belvedere - Vienna 2017 (Detail)