Valley of the Passion

Sculpture contest of the mSE Kunsthalle

The mSE Kunsthalle is calling on all artists to take part in our competition: send us a photo of an outdoor sculpture inspired by the Passion.

Next year, Oberammergau will host the Passion Play, which will bring a wide and international audience to our region. For this occasion, the mSE Kunsthalle in Unterammergau will create a sculpture trail. Works from ist own collection and from selected artists will be presented. In addition, other sculptors can participate who deal in their work with the great themes of humanity as they are reflected in the Passion story.

To enter: send photos of up to five works (about three photos of each) until February 13th to info@mse-kunsthalle.de. The sculptures must be suitable for an outdoor presentation. Fron all entriesm the jury of the mSE Kunsthalle will select the best works for the path that will be designed for the Passion Play (from May to October 2022).

We look forward to your participation!

Sculptures on the trail

Anna Bogouchevskaia imagines Noah's Ark (bronze, 190 x 70 x 125 cm) as a dark block with windows though which funny figuers peer at the spectator. The artworks is a bright comment on the sculpture as a medium of preservation that saves formes of memories from the deluge of forgetting.

Bogouchevskaia, whos parents were sculptors, was born in 1966. She studied sculpting at the Art Institute Surikov in Moscow and at the Russain Academy of Arts as a master student of Wladimir Jefimowitsch Zigal. 1994 she moved to Berlin, where she has prestigously created the fairy-tale fountain in the Von-der-Schulenburg-Park in Neukölln. 

Fine print: The Kunsthalle covers transportation and installation costs. The sculptures remain the property of the artists. No prize money has been determined yet.